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Bullet For My Valentine prepare new album

10.04.2009 | jarule | 3 Comments
Bullet For My Valentine prepare new album

Bullet For My Valentine are currently finishing off material for their new album. The band has had to cancel two shows in South Africa in order to concentrate on the new album.

Frontman Matt Tuck comments: "We're absolutely gutted to have to cancel these shows, we were proper looking forward to it, but we are really getting stuck in with writing new songs and we have busy schedule to get everything prepared for recording the new album - which we are all really excited about! So we apologise to our fans in S.A. but we promise we’ll be back!"




10.04.2009 06:31:14 AM
more like bullet for Metallica. last album was a "proper" rip off



10.04.2009 08:09:16 AM
Lol.. Metallica wish they could write tunes this good again. Wooaaahhh!! Oh no you di-ent!?



10.04.2009 09:30:24 AM
yea that's true, how sad that bullet are better than metallica's post-80's material
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