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The Rumjacks singer jailed

07.04.2012 | maxw | 1 Comments
The Rumjacks singer jailed

Frankie McLaughlin, frontman of Sydney Celt-folk punk band The Rumjacks has reportedly been jailed for 16 months as the result of an incident of domestic violence. The singer-songwriter has been charged with three counts of assault, including one of sexual assault. 

An anonymous blog called The Rumjacks Uncovered broke the allegations days ago, before McLaughlin's court appearance. It reads: “To those saying we should leave the band out of this, They lied about this, to save their own arses, they’re also scumbags. One of the band members and his wife/girlfriend were on Facebook earlier today threatening to harm the victim for speaking out, with many others joining in to say they’d help.”

Presumably because of the sentencing, the band has cancelled a show at Manning Bar tonight with Alabama 3 and have been replaced by The Bullet Blues. The Rumjacks released their debut album "Gangs Of New Holland" through Laughing Outlaw Records / Inertia in 2010, and most recently supported Guttermouth on their Australian tour in January.

The band and their label are yet to comment on the events. 




10.04.2012 04:49:46 AM
The bullets replaced the rumjacks at manning bar. You can watch some of their shit here... http://www.facebook.com/thebulletsblues
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