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Gallows vocalist slams The Gaslight Anthem’s Fallon

20.08.2012 | Kane_H | 2 Comments
Gallows vocalist slams The Gaslight Anthem’s Fallon

Current Gallows vocalist and former Alexisonfire guitarist Wade MacNeil has spoken of his displeasure with The Gaslight Anthem in a recent Tweet.

MacNeil wrote on the social networking site regarding his opinion relating to the news that Gaslight Anthem member Brian Fallon hated MacNeil’s former band.

“Recently found out that ‪@brianmfallon hates my old band. Luckily, ‪@VICE summarized what I think of his…” MacNeil writes.

The musician then linked the following VICE article.

Fallon, in response, wrote the following on his Twitter page:

‪"@dirtyblacklungs I dont even know who your old band is there, guy. Wonderful to meet you.

"‪@dirtyblacklungs hey, how about you direct message me an not talk shit on the Internet?

"Dont worry… I’m a grown up. There’s no fighting and I never heard an Alexis on Fire in my life to like or not like. ‪#askfirstshootlater"




20.08.2012 03:02:44 AM
what a douchebag



20.08.2012 03:42:42 AM
hahaha, what a pussy. gaslight rule. fuck off wade.