The Nation Blue return

Official Press Release:

THE NATION BLUE have been punching out a rather unruly brand of noise based rock n roll for the best part of 13 years. Over those years they have lapped Australia like rancid milk, released three blustery albums and an EP, and left Tasmania to tour the backwater regions of Brazil, America and Japan… just as a point of comparison. 

You may not have seen the band or even heard the band in that time but you would have seen the signs around towns that they passed through… holes in the roof of every pub they play in, blood left on the stage and walls, rusted bloody microphones and out of phase whining of bouncers. 

THE NATION BLUE, like cockroaches, have emerged from the primordial swamp year in year out and are gonna be the last band standing. After a period of absence largely spent repairing the damage from touring 2007’s album, Protest Songs, THE NATION BLUE are excited to return to stages around Australia prior to the release of their fourth album in early 2009.A new single ‘I See Colours’ will be released in late November and the juggernaut will lurch into perpetual, rotten motion before extensive tours and activity next year to coincide with the release. In all those years they have probably said enough on stage to maybe fill half this page. All that damage and mayhem, and Rollingstone Magazine still named THE NATION BLUE as one of their favorite Australian bands!        

Be there to catch THE NATION BLUE launch ‘I See Colour’ at Roxanne’s in Melbourne on Friday 21 November with These Hands Could Separate The Sky and Bowcaster and at Sydney’s Sandringham Hotel on Friday 28 November with Blacklevel Embassy and The Riot And The Trauma.            



With These Hands Could Separate The Sky and Bowcaster. Tickets available from the venue or

With Blacklevel Embassy and The Riot And The Trauma. Tickets available from the venue   

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