The Red Shore to release new album

After the triumphant release of last years stunning CD/DVD "UNCONSECRATED" The Red Shore now find themselves looking to their past to light the way forward.  With little down time in-between tours The Red Shore decided to spend theirs jamming on songs from their past and the outcome was just too inspiring to go undocumented.
LOST VERSES is more than a trip down memory lane for the Melbourne based extreme metal crew, its honouring their fallen brothers, celebrating their early works and most importantly,  its TRS regrouping and having fun doing what they do best…shredding , grinding  and pummelling  your senses with a sonic assault of biblical proportions.
LOST VERSES was recorded & mixed on the fly by guitarist Roman Koester at Complex Studios and while this was not meant to be anything more than the band jamming on some old tunes for fun…..  the result is nothing short of jaw dropping.
Here’s what TRS founding member Jamie Hope had to say about it:
"We’re stoked to announce that we’ll be releasing a new disc for you guys as early as May!  We decided to get back in the studio while we had some brief time off in-between tours and have some fun jamming on our older stuff and put it out for you guys to bang your heads to!"
"We’re really excited as this is going to add a lot to our live show and people that never got to hear these older songs live will now have the chance!  LOST VERSES  will feature tracks such as Flesh Couture, Effigy Of Death and Knives and Wolves as well as many other tracks from past chapters of the band!  Keep an eye out for a preview track on our myspace and coming soon and look out for LOST VERSES: hitting shelves nationwide at a record store near you in May!!!!"
Check out the epic new video for ‘Vehemence the Phoenix’ on Stomp TV now.

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