Brokencyde Arrest a Hoax

It was reported earlier today that hip hop/screamo band Brokencyde were arrested on drug, rape and child pornography charges. These reports stemmed from, a site that on first glace resembled “authoritative” news source TMZ. The story spread like wild fire throughout the internet and landed on high profile sites such as and It turns out however that we have all fallen victim to a cruel hoax (and I’m not actually referring to their music in this instance, although it is worth mentioning that it is a joke).

The prank was allegedly orchestrated by a Canadian student who set up a fake TMZ homepage and reported the false allegations against Brokencyde. This is not the first time the band have felt the score of the internet. Almost a month ago today reports circulated the net that Brokencyde had died in a Bus accident in central Colorado.

I’m not sure what to make of all of this. On one hand you are so hated the whole of the internet rejoices when you are either dead or in jail, and on the other hand you are so well known people actually give a shit and search for “Brokencyde” in Google.

Read the hoax story here.

8 Responses to “Brokencyde Arrest a Hoax”

  1. Matasia69

    Have to same I’m apart of the group that wishes this was true.. That terrible accident that happened to Underoath a while ago should have happened to these “musicians”..

  2. MyApocalypse

    You’ve gotta wonder who’s covering stories like these, when they believe something from a .tk domain, and think it’s a real site. I mean, really?

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