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Shai Hulud - Misanthropy Pure

23.06.2008 | KYS-Cam | 4 Comments
Shai Hulud - Misanthropy Pure
  • Artist.
  • Shai Hulud
  • Album.
  • Misanthropy Pure
  • Label.
  • Metal Blade/Stomp
  • Year.
  • 2008
  • Genre.
  • Metal/Hardcore/Progressive
  • For Fans Of.
  • Misery Signals – Poison The Well – Life In Your Way
  • Summary.
  • The Matt attack is back…
  • Total Rating.
  • 68
  • KYS Rating.
  • 96
  • User Rating.
  • 40
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Shai Hulud, a name that is synonymous (in heavy music circles at least) with intelligent, provocative and most importantly unique metallic hardcore. The band’s earliest release is widely credited with influencing an entire generation of musicians while their follow up record showed that these (now) veterans are still as relevant as the first day they plugged in their guitars and came kicking and screaming out of the Floridian hardcore scene. So, was the five-year wait for album number three worth it? That would be a resounding FUCK YES from this corner! 

Armed with a new vocalist and a renewed passion for the music they helped pioneer, Matt Fox and Matt Fletcher have once again commandeered a collection of talented musicians to assist in creating Misanthropy Pure, a record that is as aggressive as it is melodious and one that will no doubt cement Shai Hulud’s place in punk rock folklore.  

If you were at all concerned the band’s signing to Metal Blade would result in an album devoid of the traditional Shai Hulud elements then the ninety-second kick to the balls that is “Venomspreader” will allow you to breath easy. “The Creation Ruin” is as disjointed as anything the band has released previously, Matt Mazzali’s deeper growl combining with the thick and free flowing riffs to create a crushing sound that younger groups can only hope to emulate, while the breakdown that sees the song out is one of the heaviest you’ll hear in 2008. 

The album’s title shares some of the more melodic fundamentals that made That Within Blood Ill Tempered such an outstanding release, the creative fretwork being some of Hulud’s finest work to date. Matt Fox has made no secret of his love of bands like NOFX and Propagandhi, their more streamlined influence being evident in songs like “We Who Finish Last”, which makes for a fantastic contrast in Shai Hulud’s song writing when you place it back to back with the chugging “Chorus Of The Dissimilar”. “In The Mind And Marrow” has successfully merged the most abrasive parts of the SH sound with the band’s more delicate moments, a style that is carried on throughout “To Bear The Brunt Of Many Blades”.  

The groove that is prevalent throughout “Four Earths” is something that I cannot wait to hear in the live setting, the use of minor chords giving the meandering song an almost atmospheric overtone. Now, the decision to re-record the class “Set Your Body Ablaze” was a ballsy move however I think you’ll agree that the guys have done a fantastic job at recreating the song’s original vibe, albeit with a higher production value. Seeing the album out are “Be Winged” and “Cold Lord Quietus”, both songs being welcome additions to the Shai Hulud arsenal.


If you’re a long time Hulud fan then I have no doubt you’ll love this record. If you’re new to the party and didn’t quite catch on the first time around then I strongly suggest you give the band a chance. It’s not often a group like this comes along, so let’s enjoy it while we can!


  1. Venomspreader
  2. The Creation Ruin
  3. Misanthropy Pure
  4. We Who Finish Last
  5. Chorus Of the Dissimilar
  6. In The Mind And Marrow
  7. To Bear The Brunt Of Many Blades




29.06.2008 11:06:47 PM
I am a long time fan but was disappointed with this, the production is weak and the songs definitely not as strong as previous albums. Good but not worth 96, more like 70.



03.07.2008 04:28:00 AM
no way, album fucking rules



04.07.2008 01:05:25 AM
no it doesnt



26.04.2010 08:28:14 AM
it does