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Misery Signals - Controller

18.07.2008 | KYS-Cam | 9 Comments
Misery Signals - Controller
  • Artist.
  • Misery Signals
  • Album.
  • Controller
  • Label.
  • Ferret/Stomp
  • Year.
  • 2008
  • Genre.
  • Metal/Progressive/Hardcore
  • For Fans Of.
  • Shai Hulud – 7 Angels 7 Plagues – Cave In
  • Summary.
  • Album of the year…
  • Total Rating.
  • 76
  • KYS Rating.
  • 97
  • User Rating.
  • 55
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Yes, I’m aware that this reviews headline is a bold statement. After all, handing out album of the year honours in July might be seen by some readers as jumping the gun somewhat, but you know what, it’s going to take something special to knock off Controller as the best release of 2008 (Glassjaw I’m looking in your direction), so I’m standing by my declaration. 

A lot of Misery Signals fans weren’t too enthused with the group’s last effort (Mirrors, which I for one thought was great), so how did the five-piece respond? They recruited production mastermind Devin Townsend - yep, the man responsible for the punishing sounds that were found on the band’s debut full length – and wrote some of the most technically impressive, yet instantly accessible metal that this reviewer has heard since… well, the first time I stumbled across Misery Signals

The moment “Nothing” comes spewing out of your speakers you’ll be flawed by the precision drum work and intricate riffing that have become an integral part of the Misery Signals sound. Throughout a flurry of creative drum fills the song still manages to maintain a steady beat, all the while Stuart Ross and Kyle Morgan are giving us mere mortals a lesson in fret board theatrics. Many a long-term MS fan seems to have some kind of attachment to the group’s original singer, and as such, they haven’t fully embraced Karl Schubach as a front man. I’m going to put it out there… Karl is a far superior vocalist! His voice has a massive bottom end yet still retains a clarity that makes every one of his lyrics audible and most importantly, understandable. 

“Weight Of The World” could be the most straight forward tune the band has committed to tape, that is until its foot to the floor tempo makes way for a hook laden chorus and a Meshuggah worthy breakdown. The melody driven “Labyrinthian” shows just how diverse the band’s sound is, melding complex drum patterns with effects laden guitar work, all of which culminates in one of the record’s crushing moments. 

Both “Parallels” and “Coma” strike that perfect balance between heaviness and ambience, the latter utilizing the percussive talents of Ryan and Branden Morgan’s (drums) father. “A Certain Death” chops and changes between upbeat verses and groove heavy metal riffs, an unlikely pairing in anyone else’s language, however Misery Signals seem to excel at coupling polar opposites together. It should also be noted that the clean vocals that appear in the song are courtesy of Karl himself, stunning that someone who can deliver such unrelenting screams is capable of carrying a user-friendly tune.


Song of the record (and of the year) goes to “Set In Motion”. Apart from the fact that the music is second to none the commanding vocal-chant of “burn it to the fucking ground” simply cannot be ignored. The rhythmic heaviness of “Ebb And Flow” is complimented by another clean vocal passage, while the plethora of time changes and guitar parts offered up in “Reset” should keep even the most cynical metal fan happy. Rounding out Controller is “Homecoming”, a song that is as epic as anything else the band has penned in their career.  Great record. Great band. Enough said.


  1. Nothing
  2. Weight Of The World
  3. Labyrinthian
  4. Parallels
  5. Coma
  6. A Certain Death
  7. Set In Motion
  8. Ebb And Flow
  9. Reset
  10. Homecoming




20.07.2008 03:44:22 AM
good review



20.07.2008 03:44:44 AM
good review



22.07.2008 12:17:43 AM
I downloaded these CD (oops) about 3 weeks ago...and I burnt a copy of it, and it hasn't left my car CD player since...so much so I burnt another copy to use in my house so it doesn't have to leave my car. Epic. Just Epic.



27.07.2008 08:07:49 AM
good review. kick ass album.



20.10.2008 01:09:16 AM
this album is basically the dude in god of war going on an epic rampage destroying all in his path with fiery chains http://www.ps3fanboy.com/media/2006/05/A_closer_look_at_God_of_War_II.jpg srsly.



02.03.2009 05:38:50 AM
Album of the year easy



09.06.2009 03:54:06 PM
Misery Signals: best band to ever grace the metalcore/hardcore/progressive scene ever. one thing. after the release of controller im seeing allot of little emo bastards getting around australia thinking mirrors was there debut GOD DAMN that and no1 has realy any idea of 7 angels 7 plagues. i asked a kid at the local skate park the other day what his fav album was the other day and his reply was ther debut(or what he thought was there debut "mirrors") felt like smashing his head in (but im a gentle giant) but still BTBAM watch out!



29.12.2009 02:40:59 AM
100% agree to all said in this review!!
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