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Into It. Over It. - Proper

06.10.2011 | LukeC | 0 Comments
Into It. Over It. - Proper
  • Artist.
  • Into It. Over It.
  • Album.
  • Proper
  • Label.
  • No Sleep Records
  • Year.
  • 2011
  • Genre.
  • Rock
  • For Fans Of.
  • Sunny Day Real Estate - Death Cab For Cutie
  • Summary.
  • The new alternative singer/songwriter wonder kid.
  • Total Rating.
  • 70
  • KYS Rating.
  • 85
  • User Rating.
  • 55
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Into It. Over It. Is Evan Thomas Weiss, a well travelled musician who has played with a number of acts including The Progress and Stay Ahead of the Weather, as well as working with countless more.

Originally beginning with the 52 Weeks' project,’ during which he wrote a song a week for a year and released them over the internet, Into It. Over It. grew to be Weiss’ main focus. The project grabbed the attention of No Sleep Records which after a few 7” and split releases, lands us at the new full length album ‘Proper.’

The record may not be exactly what fans of the previous works were expecting, whilst the split releases feature acoustically driven tunes, ‘Proper’ sees Weiss using a full band sound which is far more energetic and emotional. The best example of this comes in the first track, Embracing Facts, which begins with a solid drum beat and builds with distorted vocals and bright, melodic guitars. The punk rock energy kicks in with the second track Discretion & Depressing People, which has a soaring chorus and thumping verses leading perfectly into the guitar driven Fortunate Friends.

Three songs in and it is obvious that Weiss' song writing talents are deserving of far more appreciation and notice than he currently receives.

There are some great vocal harmonies used on Write It Right which are reminiscent of early Brand New before things slow down for the toughing Midnight: Carroll Street. Lyrically the album is influenced by Weiss' life living in Chicago whilst writing the record, making the album an autobiography of sorts.

Keeping the softer feel, Weiss channels all things Death Cab in Connecticut Steps and those familiar with the songwriter’s past projects will hear some recognizable ideas in Where Your Night Often Ends. Things finish off with the folk tinged The Frames That Used To Greet Me which has some standout vocal melodies and guitar work.


‘Proper’ is Weiss’ first “real” full length release and the time and work that the songwriter has taken to get to it have really paid off. There is plenty of diversity between the tracks to keep things interesting and enough moments that will get stuck in your head begging for repeated listens.


1. Embracing Facts
2. Discretion & Depressing People
3. Fortunate Friends
4. No Good Before Noon
5. Write It Right (feat. Nathan Ellis)
6. Midnight: Carroll Street
7. Connecticut Steps
8. Staring At The Ceiling
9. My Evening With Ramsey Beyer
10. Where Your Night Often Ends
11. P R O P E R
12. The Frames That Used To Greet Me


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