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The Killers - Battle Born

The Killers - Battle Born

02.12.2012 | brodie_dg | 1 Comments

Though there’s flashes of the lofty 'Sam’s Town' glory these guys were once capable of, it lacks the consistency that made that record an iconic piece of music. That’s not to say that 'Battle Born' is a failure, quite the contrary, it’s a wonderful return for The Killers. It sits on a shelf higher than 'Day & Age,' and that’s all one could have asked for.

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Soundgarden  - King Animal

Soundgarden - King Animal

02.12.2012 | jackp | 0 Comments

Like the relics of the past that adorn the album artwork, it’s as though Soundgarden have emerged from some snowy cave after years in hibernation, reinvigorated and ready to rock again. King Animal may not reach the same peaks as previous albums, but it’s a solid start to a new chapter in Soundgarden’s career.

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Birds Of Tokyo - This Fire

Birds Of Tokyo - This Fire

30.11.2012 | LukeC | 0 Comments

The ‘This Fire’ EP seems like a more mature approach to song-writing from Birds Of Tokyo, like some sort of warning that fans should expect the next full length to be significantly different to the band’s past releases and should be eased into the change with the new songs. Regardless, this will certainly hold the attention of the people who may have been waning.

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Various Artists - Punk Goes Pop 5

Various Artists - Punk Goes Pop 5

29.11.2012 | LukeC | 0 Comments

Every now and then the ‘Punk Goes Pop’ series will unveil a gem or two, and that certainly is the case on number five. These tracks make the whole process, which is tired and way past its use-by date, worthwhile in a small way, preventing us from completely writing them off just yet.

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Code Orange Kids - Love Is Love // Return to Dust

Code Orange Kids - Love Is Love // Return to Dust

25.11.2012 | Kane_H | 0 Comments

‘Love Is Love // Return to Dust’ is a rough composition yet goes down very smoothly. This is exactly the type of material you want to see infiltrating the already established. Code Orange Kids have spark and for the time being that is going deliver positive results.

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The Algorithm - Polymorphic Code

The Algorithm - Polymorphic Code

24.11.2012 | mblack | 0 Comments

'Polymorphic Code' is the sound of a man dedicated to a singular musical ideal, one that blurs the distinction between two genres, and its execution is matched by its ingenuity. Rémi Gallego has found the meeting point of metal and electronica, presenting them as two sides of the same coin.

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Stone Sour - House of Gold & Bones Part 1

Stone Sour - House of Gold & Bones Part 1

23.11.2012 | Kane_H | 2 Comments

The full gloss and appeal of ‘House of Gold & Bones Part 1’ should become more complete when coupled with next year’s Part 2 offering. In isolation, this studio album is again polished and has some signature Stone Sour moments. It’s probably not the most complete album in the Iowa rockers catalogue, but it’s made up for by its sincerity.

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Thrice - Anthology

Thrice - Anthology

23.11.2012 | LukeC | 1 Comments

If you were sad about the Thrice hiatus before ‘Anthology,’ you will be even sadder after hearing the brilliance of a live show, which truly encompasses every element of their amazing catalogue. Thrice rule, let’s hope they come back soon.

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After The Fall  - Bittersweet

After The Fall - Bittersweet

21.11.2012 | jackp | 0 Comments

After The Fall know what they’re good at and play to their strengths on album number four. Bittersweet serves up an instantly familiar sound that fans will embrace with open arms. It’s not revolutionary stuff, but it’s catchy and playful enough to justify repeated spins. Not bad.

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Motion City Soundtrack - Making Moves 7

Motion City Soundtrack - Making Moves 7"

18.11.2012 | Natasha | 0 Comments

This installment of the Making Moves series is one that may be best suited to diehard Motion City Soundtrack fans. While the band’s input contains high points in ‘Severance’ and ‘Pictures of Success’, ‘Major Leagues’ verges on mediocre. However, Motion City Soundtrack’s support of young talent and their dedication to this project shouldn’t be overlooked.