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King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - 12 Bar Bruise

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - 12 Bar Bruise

16.09.2012 | Kane_H | 0 Comments

'12 Bar Blues’ is fun. That’s probably the long and the short of it. Don’t dig too deep, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard offer an entertaining dose of rock, which may fall flat in certain areas, but engages equally at others. Worth a look in.

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Katatonia - Dead End Kings

Katatonia - Dead End Kings

04.09.2012 | mblack | 1 Comments

The culmination of two decades developing their sound, and several lineup changes, ‘Dead End Kings’ is a worthy addition to an impressive back catalogue, and will appeal to fans of Katatonia's more recent work. An expansion of the vocal range though would've elevated this full-length from good to great.

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Kobra and the Lotus - Kobra and the Lotus

Kobra and the Lotus - Kobra and the Lotus

19.08.2012 | Kane_H | 0 Comments

Calgary heavy-hitters Kobra and the Lotus are determined if nothing else. This full-length is purposeful and delivers slightly more than the impartial would initially expect. The ten tracks make for an engaging listen. And, if you’re still not sold and decide against this release, just adopt South Park’s assertions and “blame Canada.”

  • KYS: 75
  • User: 82
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Kettlespider - Avadante

Kettlespider - Avadante

07.05.2012 | Kane_H | 0 Comments

Sometimes the unknown is compelling. Take away the blinkers, remove any narrow pre-determined judgements and give 'Avadante' a listen. There will be no expectations going into a first-up playing but the impact should ensure an engaging level interest.