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Yellowcard - Southern Air

Yellowcard - Southern Air

19.08.2012 | ohaiialaska | 0 Comments

While Southern Air wont shock or surprise you, it is definitely going to be an album that you return to. Where WYTTSY paved a path for Yellowcard to come back on, Southern Air has proven that Yellowcard are still at the top of their game. It ensures people realise they are still a major player in the genre. It is Yellowcard doing what Yellowcard do best. That is, blurring the lines between hard-hitting pop punk and catchy, pop tunes. Equally, it shows the group's abilty to craft tracks filled with huge hooks, sunny choruses, heartfelt lyrics and upbeat tempos...only this time it's taken to a new level. While, the album might not have any exceptional highlights this isn’t a bad thing. Southern Air is a complete album from beginning to end and it doesn’t miss a beat.

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Young Statues - Young Statues

Young Statues - Young Statues

01.01.2012 | ohaiialaska | 0 Comments

With their self-titled debut release, Young Statues have immediately set the standard exceptionally high. They have created a well-put together album made up of intricate layers that manage to clash and weave throughout every track. In a genre that is so tried, tested and repetitive, Young Statues have managed to create an album that brings something new and fresh to the table while still seeming comfortably familiar.  Young Statues is an album that ensures people are going to take notice. There aren’t many bands that set the bar so high on their first release.